Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Other Side:

Raise your hand if you knew "CROSSING OVER" was more than just a television show starring John Edward? (the physic medium, not the man vying for the Democratic Presidential nomination--that's Senator John Edwards of North Carolina)

But seriously, we started a whole new chapter today AFTER our first lecture exam (score yet to be announced--but I have a really good feeling about it). Subject? Meiosis and Mitosis. When our professor briefly went over the seemingly 223521 phases, she mentioned the term "crossing-over" and all I could do was giggle.

Picture it: a room full of hopeful people all staring at him, John Edward. His signature fitted t-shirt tucked in and brown eyes gleaming as he receives clues and images from "the other side." At least that's what I saw in my mind's eye, hence the giggle.

Although for biological purposes--during Meiosis (which I will know sideways in merely a couple days), specifically during Prophase I there is a process in which there is a physical exchange of equal pieces of adjacent non-sister chromatids. What? It's CROSSING-OVER. Fun, right?

I have yet to begin my notecards but I will shortly, don't worry.

Do you have guess as to how many I made total for the first three chapters? About 100. Really. That is a complete record for me. Who knew it would become an obsession? I believe our next lecture exam (over two chapters this time) will be in less than 5 days...

*refrains from falling flat on the floor*


p.s. I decided to save you from details of my lab yesterday, but it did involve sheep blood. That won't become the next big selling "scent" anytime soon, I can tell you that much!


callie said...

i could spend days ranting about my intense hatred for the amazingly fake john edwards. DAYS

Stephanie G said...

Hey - in MY Bio lab - I'm raising roaches. You heard me. I have 5 -not-so-baby-as-they-are-7-cm-long roaches. Did I mention that they HISS?

TeaParadox said...

Your biology class makes my head hurt, Janet. I had to opt for Geology ... rocks are our friends -- not sheep blood. Good luck with the class! You're doing great.


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