Sunday, June 24, 2007


So this weekend has been very relaxing...HOT, but relaxing. I've barely done anything resembling homework....although I have started working on a pedigree chart for a recessive trait that both me, my sister and our mother possess, we'll see how that turns out especially since half of my relatives live in another country.

I finished reading PIECE OF WORK early Saturday morning (think 3am--which means I am rather boring if READING is what I do now at 3am on a Saturday morning). It was a wonderful albeit quick read. Since I've read all Laura Zigman's other novels already, I am sad. I have to wait patiently for some more of her work to become available (which I know she is working on).

This evening I made a lovely pineapple salsa to go alongside our freshly grilled chicken and pork. It was quite amazing (and we have leftovers!!!) The recipe is featured in the May 2007 issue of Cooking Light. You can find virtually all their recipes on the site, so look for it if you have some pineapple, a lime and some cilantro laying around. DELICIOUS!

Are you a Pop Culture Junkie? Did you happen to catch the World Series of Pop Culture on VH1 last summer? Well I did. And in just a few weeks the 2007 edition will begin airing. Are you excited? Can I stop with the questions already? THEY have a site online where you can PLAY pop culture GAMES! In less than 24 hours I have become the #50 ranked player (out of over 400 registered players)! JOIN ME! ~~J


Marlene said...

i saw this and i thought of you...

looks delish ! and healthy

janet said...

oooooooh strawberry pasta? I'm game!



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