Thursday, May 31, 2007

Groups of Five:

1) our Lab was cancelled yesterday.
2) I had a lovely salad bar lunch!
3) I spent psuedo-class time finishing off notecards
4) I settled in for a nap while going over said notecards
5) I'm pretty sure I "dreamt" about OH- and H+

1) I printed out chapter outlines last night after work
2) I did some "highlighting" before bed
3) I slept with the window open
4) This morning I had to take an antihistamine
5) So now I'm a little drowsy

1) We have no coffee creamer and or milk
2) That's the only way I can consume coffee
3) *insert eye rolling here*
4) I have to leave early for class
5) So I can hit Starbucks on the way

My life in groups of five. How fun.



1) Andy Roddick (tennis star) has had some injury problems this year,
2) but he was doing well during his first round match at the French Open.
3) The commentators were talking about how it was his "best" in years
4) I had to stop watching and go to work,
5) Then he lost, draw your own conclusions. I have my own (see #4).


Gwendolen Gross, author of THE OTHER MOTHER said...

crumb. I wrote this and lost it. Try, try again:
1. got to read this really cool blog!
2. no ac so I had to stay home for ac guys instead of going out to write
3. wrote anyway, even though ac guys were tracking half mashed ornamental plums everywhere and a thousand flies came in with the hot air. (i'm not really OCD)
4. hot coffee on a hot day this really cool blog!

Stephanie G said...

1.) I do notecards, too!
2.) It's the only way I feel like I've studied.
3.) Usually, they make me fall asleep, as well.
4.) That's what *bucks is for.
5.) Cinnamon Dolche Latte.


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