Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a meager 12%:

Is there a certain sound your brain makes when you're getting a "new wrinkle"...or using more of it than usual? Does anybody know? Is there an answer? I think the saying goes "we only use about 10% of our brain's potential." Although that myth has been debated and reworked and such, lets just say that if it is true, then I would like to say I've used at least an extra 2% this month alone! I have a newly formed "Biology is kinda cool" wrinkle.


Who knew how much fun it is watching yeast do its thang!

Yesterday in Lab we filled four test tubes with different sugar solutions along with YEAST and removed oxygen. After an incubation period of 1 hour at 37°C (that's nearly 99°F). We were actually simulating glycolysis and essentially "making" alcohol (ethanol as shown) alongside carbon dioxide (CO2), fun times!

Did I mention the heavy smell of bread in the air afterward? Did I mention that each group member got their own test tube and chugged it when we were done? Just Kidding. I wanted to see if you were paying attention.


I can't believe the halfway point of the "semester" has come and gone. I have at least three more exams to study for and not a lot of time to do it in (that's why I am blogging instead of studying at this VERY minute).

I am on the verge of pulling my hair out or staying UP all night and I don't think bald would suit me very well...the former it is!



Laura said...


The fact that you're so good in science and math is jeopardizing our NFship. I'm not sure I can handle the fact that you are smart in those areas AND able to write.

no fair.

janet said...


awwwww...you flatter me...

just wait and see when I attempt college algebra in a couple weeks...you'll be amazed at my NONmathmatical ability! I promise! you'll have to talk me off a ledge!


Laura said...

I doubt it.

But just wait until Benji starts having 2nd grade math to do. I will need additional medication...

janet said...

But think about all those papers and projects you'll get to help him with...he can always say,

"Well, MY MOM--THE AUTHOR--thought I had a wonderful introduction."




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