Monday, June 4, 2007

Amino Me This:

It's only the beginning of Week Two of 'Biology I' and I feel as if I've been run over by a big truck. The material is relatively manageable (and actually interesting) I am just trying to adjust to running around so much. Sleep, Class, Eat, Work, Study* Repeat! It's been a while since I've tried to cram so much into my brain PLUS I'm soooo old! Okay, maybe not. By next month I'll be able to add another class to the mix (that's the plan).

Warning: GEEK OUT ahead!

So back to the interesting stuff, Amino Acids have my complete attention...the different structures and the way they bond to one another (peptide bond) is just really fascinating. Steroids? FUN! (structrually) And please don't even get me started on DNA! I never ever thought I'd be drawing structures and thinking "Wow! HOW COOL!"

(see the NH2 part is the Amine Group and the CO2H is the Carboxyl Group and that R hanging off the middle Carbon representing the R group which is specific to each Amino Acid)

Okay, back from the GEEK OUT: this week holds the first Lecture Exam (we have five total) and I am pretty comfortable with the material (we have one lecture and one lab remaining before said Exam) thus far. I've been making notecards and going over sections daily (along with those LONG extra credit multiple choice quizzes).

I have to say this, Notecards/Flashcards=Love!

I purchased 1000 lined 3x5 cards this weekend. There is just something about reading material, rereading it, writing it down, and rereading it that makes me feel productive. I know it incorporates all of the learning styles--but it just could be all the purple ink I get to splatter all over the place!

But to make a long story short, I should get back to it!


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