Friday, June 29, 2007

it takes a village:

A very good friend from my high school days (who is also back in college and set to graduate relatively soon) gave me a wonderful gift yesterday: a big scientific, graphing calculator! I'm borrowing it for my Algebra class (set to start in less than a week). He saved me some $$$ on that one and I am grateful.

The calculator made me think about the bookbag I've been carrying around all month (and the pens and notebook I've been using). My co-workers are responsible for those! They gave me the bag (filled with supplies) in May. How awesome is that? Much love to them as well!

So I guess that saying (and speech and book) is correct, apparently it takes a village to raise a child Janet.


It was announced today--the University of Memphis is increasing tuition...again. Now I attended YEARS ago and I'm pretty sure I remember the cost of tuition and even I (the failed Math student) can tell you it has increased more than 100% in a 10-year period. WOW! I just read tuition has gone up EVERY year for the past 20 years.

So where has the BILLIONS of dollars the state of Tennessee raised for education gone?

By the way, unless I start spontaneously losing points, it appears that my first Biology grade will be an A *fierce round of applause*! I'm still waiting to see it in print though!

One class down and 54151513 to go!


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