Friday, June 15, 2007

the hodge podge of it:

So another lecture exam came and went this week and there is another one (lab midterm) to prepare for today. So are the joys of a five week class! Thankfully I pretty much matched my score(s) on the first two exams.

Not to get TOO ahead of myself, but the possibility of an A for the course seems very possible.

Of course, now we are starting Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration...and the lovely Krebs Cycle (go here to make your brain really hurt) Seriously? See? We aren't going to get THAT detailed, but still...ACK! So I have to keep telling myself that we get to drop our lowest exam grade...repeat repeat repeat.

I took a mini-break today and watched a few hours of the Food Network: Ina and Paula and Giada, OH MY! These three ladies completely rock my wanna-be chef world! I even managed to squeeze in another "chick flick" with Music and Lyrics (oh Hugh, as much as I love you..WHY? This was not my favorite movie you've done, but I did enjoy the dancing...)

Side note: I am sadden by the news of our beloved Ya Ya's miscarriage. One of my dear friends is a China Keeper at the zoo and I know she has been working closely with our Pandas. Of course I know this is a common occurrence and there is always next year, but still.


p.s. Many Happy Wedding Wishes to Dina and Hunter this weekend!

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Stephanie G said...

What?!?!!? YOu didn't want to kill yourself over Music and Lyrics??? I LOVED - LOVED - LOVED that movie! (And Hugh's cute little dance moves!)


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