Thursday, October 15, 2009

What Am I Looking For?

Fifteen "searched" Phrases that Led People to my Blog
(over the last week):

george newbern vs paul rudd
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)
fear my tiger style
(Antwerpen, Belgium)
we are mysterious creatures, arent we.
(Vicenza, Italy)
the monarisa of the north *
situationl irony in jane eyre
(Jacksonville, Florida)

The Mona Lisa of the North
keep me from drunk texting
(Owings Mills, Maryland)
history of yoga papers
(Los Angeles, California)
sleep is dream blogspot
(Ho Chi Minh City, China)
pumpkin bin
(Notre-dame-du-nord, Quebec)

media law exam
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
nuke the whales bumper sticker 1970s
(Kansas City, Missouri)
not the same street seasame street
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
we are misterious creature aren't we? *
how many copies of that class

*authentic spellings according to Feedjit



Anonymous said...

dude i SERIOUSLY just re-looked at that paul rudd post the other day because i saw him somewhere and was trying to remember the confusion with george. i didnt search for it though, i knew when that shit occurred.

janet said...


"But isn't that Paul Rudd? It can't be Paul Rudd--wait? Who is that guy?"



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