Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is that YOU, Paul Rudd?

A few weekends ago (too many weekends ago) I had a dear friend over for a “movie” night.

We watched 3 or 4 films (I told you it’s been too long) and somewhere after midnight we found ourselves in the middle of a heated debate.

Not really heated. Not really a debate.

We found out that Paul Rudd has a twin. Okay, he doesn’t have a twin per se.

BUT there is another actor out there that had us wondering, is that Paul Rudd or was it the “other guy.”

George Newbern, meet Paul Rudd.
Paul Rudd, meet George Newbern.

Father of the Bride? George Newbern.
Object of my Affection? Paul Rudd.
Adventures in Babysitting? George Newbern.
Clueless? Paul Rudd.

Friends? Are you ready for this???? BOTH OF THEM!

See, it’s hard to tell them apart if you start thinking about it. And we don’t mean any disrespect toward either. They are both dark-haired, blue-eyed actors that we love!

Can you tell the difference? Look at those photos....did you have to do a double or triple take? Think about that last movie or television episode.....WHO WAS THAT ACTOR?


p.s. I am not telling you the'll have to post a comment to find out.


theokbunny said...

George Newbern is on the bottom

allerson said...

i totally guessed the wrong one. georgie is waaaay hotter. paul is just funnier.

i could have sworn when we imdb'd "if these walls could talk 2" the sperm donor was different than BOTH of those, but i guess thats the rum memory.

janet said...

Miss Bunny is correct.

I just checked again, HE was one of the potential sperm donors--George was! I guess that's how we found out his name to begin with!

(And I had totally forgotten WHY we were having the conversation in the first place, RUM!)


theokbunny said...

I'm cool like that

El said...

Paul Rudd is so much more handsome. Both are great actors.


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