Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Will I Drop Next?

again, I dropped something between the bleachers at Morgan Keegan Stadium before the match!

Thank you kindly, Sir, for retrieving it (my purse) for me. I'll say it again--you're my HERO! And now it's almost funny. I am scared to death of dropping something else--and I have 4 more sessions left to attend. Should we start a pool? I'm betting on my shoes!

At least it didn't happen DURING the match! I have a feeling Andy Roddick would've called me out because he was extremely chatty tonight. I wonder if it's because Tommy Haas was eliminated right before his match?

Gilles Muller was very solid! I was impressed with his composure before a very Roddick-friendly crowd. I will definitely be looking for him around the circuit for years to come. You could say I have a soft spot for him--we share Birthdays!

Worth noting: Roddick and Muller combined to raise $3,500 for St. Jude with 35 Aces between them ($100 is being donated for every Ace during the tournament by a sponsor).

I am pretty sad I won't get to see Haas later in the week--after all he WAS my first Tennis match! (And his blog last year showed some personality).



Laura said...

I know we just had our one-year anniversary but when is your birthday? (I suppose I could check your Myspace page for it but I'm too lazy).

janet said...


Wow. This is hard to say...because...well, I turn THAT age on May 9th.

*falls over*



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