Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Instead of Studying:

I am currently writing a little blog entry (I promise to go back to studying in a minute!)...

or Excuse me while I kiss the SKY!

If you've been unlucky enough to read any of my ramblings about TENNIS you already know how I feel about the sport.

*this is a snippet of me watching "LIVE" action at the SAP Open earlier (Roddick pulled it out)*

So this afternoon I finally was able to WIN tickets to the RMK Championships (which start Friday at the Racquet Club).

YES! I WON tickets on the Radio!!!! That was ME winning somewhere around Bubbly (Colbie Caillat) during my "lunch" break at work. Yes, I was seriously on my lunch break--things worked out perfectly!

I planned to attend the event anyway--and even used Vacation Days to ensure the week off from work....but not having to PURCHASE some of my tickets? PRICELESS!

And guess who got the last Wild Card entrance into the tournament? Andy Roddick! It was announced this evening (after I won the tickets, draw your own conclusions).


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