Saturday, February 16, 2008

We Are All One:

Coming home from class on Thursday night & turning on my friends at CNN (LOVE you Anderson!) I was completely shocked to hear about another college campus shooting.


Last Spring when Virginia Tech happened, I was still in the infancy stage of "going back to school." Even so, when I entered classrooms for the first time over the summer--I secretly picked my seat/location specifically away from the door.

Did anyone else do the same? Do you think about it now, two days after the Tragedy at NIU?

At work yesterday, our current pharmacy student (working with us during her month-long rotation) even said she was "scared" to go to classes. I don't think she was overreacting. I feel similar.

I know there is a super rare chance of anything happening while sitting in a college classroom anywhere in the country, but it's never a BAD thing to have a plan of action in case of emergency.

Both of my classes this semester are on the first floor and we have large windows along the back of the room. You do the math or simply fill in the blanks. I never thought about it during my "first run" in college, it's a bit unsettling to have to think about it now.

Important, but unsettling.


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