Monday, February 25, 2008

Session One: RMK

Despite not having a ticket to the first Session today, I decided to go anyway. John Isner was playing his first Singles match in Memphis, I HAD to be there!

<---difficult to read, but it's his autograph, I swear!

Thanks to a kind stranger (and parking attendant) I ended up NOT even having to purchase a ticket!

Unfortunately it was also Isner's last Singles match in Memphis because he lost a 2-hour, 3-set match to Jurgen Melzer (currently ranked 61 in the world). Word is he has the Flu--he was sluggish.

Before the Isner match I got to see a wonderful Doubles match: Querrery/Spadea vs Ram/Reynolds. I always get confused when it comes to Doubles, because the court looks VERY small with four people on it. There is so much action--I don't know where to look!

Querrery/Spadea prevailed in the second set tiebreaker...I even lost something through the bleachers in the middle of the match and a nice volunteer retrieved it for me. Whew!

I didn't distract anyone though--my biggest fear is being called out in the middle of a match by the Chair Umpire.

back to John Isner (watch me turn into a 12-year old school girl before your eyes)...I've never approached a tennis player for an autograph. I felt a little silly standing next to little kids with tennis balls. BUT...I had to do it!

Get Better Soon!



Anonymous said...

how did you lose your glasses anyway?

janet said...

Vince Spadea, is that you?


I don't know HOW I lost my glasses...but at least I didn't distract too many people!



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