Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Backlogged: RMK 2007

Someone once said, "Into each life some rain must fall." Look outside, I'm not kidding. It seems as if the sky is going to burst forth soon.

It might as well be ME crying, because Andy Roddick isn't going to be featured on Stadium court tonight. He will be there tomorrow, but I don't have tickets for tomorrow. What is a girl to do?

When I finally decided upon my ticket purchases I was sure that Andy would be my first "real live" tennis match. I was so intent on this that I took a week of vacation to be free to watch as much tennis as possible!

I have decided to forgive Andy, just this once, because every cloud has a sliver lining, and this cloud has TOMMY HAAS and VENUS WILLIAMS tonight!

Now I recall watching Tommy quite clearly during the U.S. Open this year. Unfortunately he lost that Quarterfinal match, but made his way into my heart. I didn't get to watch him win the RMK Championship last year (evil job!) so forgive me for missing that one, please.

Secret German Message to Tommy: Du bist Klasse!

I definitely watched last night as Venus made her comeback. WAY TO GO!

These two matches tonight have got me over the moon, despite the weather. (Now if only I can figure out the parking situation)


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