Wednesday, February 13, 2008

{Math Exam 1}

(creative title, yes?)

So last night I took my first Math exam of {the new year, the new class}. It was 25 questions long (4 points a piece) & MULTIPLE CHOICE!

Multiple Choice Math tests should be banned for life. "But the answer is right there..." Spare me! This also means that at least 3 of the WRONG answers are there too & they always try to be tricky and include answers from different parts of the problem.

So if you think you're done and SEE that answer--But WAIT! Is it a trick?!?

Also, the problems were phrased completely different than the textbook (class & homework). So I don't know if the professor is using a standardized form or problems from a different book. I'm a little bit worried about this...

BUT there were only TWO problems that made me want to cry (because I wasn't coming up with ANY of the possible "answers and or not answers"). So I took a deep breath and continued--finishing the rest of the exam with a lot of time to spare (we had an hour).

So I went back and started OVER on the "problems" (pun intended)... VICTORY! (Or at least I think so--remember? multiple choice!)

We won't know until next week.

*big sigh of relief here anyway*


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