Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Logically Speaking:

or what in the world am I talking about & what combination of mathematicians am I cursing at this very moment...

This is a Truth Table. A Table of Truth (or really an explanation of the four different possible outcomes depending on negation, disjunction, conjunction or implication).

We started with 'sentences' in Math last week and since I enjoy English (way too much), I was pretty excited. The excitement didn't last long enough. Welcome to Logic (or part of the Logic I have to learn this semester in order to rock my class).

I still have two sections of Homework to complete and not an extremely long amount of time to complete them (especially since I'll have to take Tennis Update breaks and such).

Thankfully this is a "beginning" course so I won't end up like John Nash, masterfully solving problems & writing proofs across numerous blackboards and notebooks.

I'd rather use words instead of symbols to solve all the problems in the world. (Although if you think about it strings of letters are really symbols and so...) I'm giving myself a headache.


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