Sunday, February 24, 2008

by the Skin of Our Tail(s):

Or you can quote any sports adage you wish, but this still smarts.

It is hard not to take this loss personally. Several years ago (nearly a decade, if you must know) I followed my Heart to the University (I am NOT naming) but I left my Brain in Memphis.

Therefore, after a couple semesters I had to come back to Memphis to reclaim my Brain. Now I did meet many wonderful people while living in that city (the one I am NOT naming) and they are still friends—even to this day.

I know: We can still go on to win a National Championship. It's better to get our first loss out of the way NOW as opposed to sometime in mid-March (when it would actually be over). Every other great team has lost this season. Plus, we should stay in the top 4 or 5 nationally!

HOWEVER, when it comes to us (read: me) versus them (read: that place) I still have a bitter taste in my mouth (you might as well). Geoff Calkins wrote it far better than I possibly could over his last four columns (you should check them out!)

As they say, All is fair in Love and War (read: basketball) and I am allowed to use great Literary references (John Lyly's Euphues) in my own blog.


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Anonymous said...

I think we all have to reclaim our brain in some form or fashion at different pivotal points in our lives. This what we call learning from out mistakes :)


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