Wednesday, February 20, 2008

{Results 1}

So close to 9pm last night we got our first {Math Exam} back...


I passed. I passed with relative "flying colors"...a respectable high B. BUT (and there is always a BUT) if I would've paid attention and not flubbed the last VERY easy problem, it would've been a respectable low A.

Does anyone know where "flying colors" came from? Maybe it has something to do with flying your Flag? Something patriotic? Planting your "colors" when you claim victory?

I can't dwell too I'll move on to my next battle (so to speak)...

About 170 years of early U.S. History...circa 1600-1775

This includes a few Kings & Queens, Prime Ministers and FOUR Wars (known by both the "European" name and the "Colonial" name) plus their treaties & provisions...this stuff is absolutely fascinating and was NEVER this exciting in high school.

*fingers crossed*


p.s. I am waiting for the University of Memphis "accept" me...they responded to my application and requested transcripts...which were sent a couple weeks ago. When I type my name into the "search" field on the school site, I DO come up...but I'm not listed as a student yet. I have 2 weeks to complete a scholarship application, but I have to be accepted first!

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