Saturday, September 1, 2007

this and that:

So Friday came and went, free of class but filled with a stressful day at work nevertheless. I found out this morning we had a record week (filling over 1500 prescriptions total)...I thought so!

I was a little bit worried, feeling as if I am just "too old" to manage a full plate (maybe)--but apparently I am going to be just fine.

first week of classes + record week at work =
a really good reason to be very tired

September brings a lot of wonderfulness to the world! All the college football games AND the U.S. Open has kept me on top of the remote control today.

What happened Michigan? What happened Maria Sharapova? Andy Roddick (absolutely brilliant) & Tommy Haas (nail biter) are both into the 4th Round, WOO!

I have a new Tennis Star to watch: American John Isner has some mad skills. I think if he were playing anyone else (not Roger Federer) he could've won today. Ah well! Anybody from RMK Championships reading? BOOK THIS GUY NOW! Pretty please, with sugar on top.

Back to School: I got both of the used textbooks I ordered in record time. I am so excited. I am now using my Lab Manual to notecards for Bio II. We have a quiz on Tuesday.

Must Memorize: Eukarya. Animalia. Chordata. Mammalia. Primate. Hominidae. Homo. sapiens.


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Unknown said...

seriously, you deserve a ton of kudos! i dont know if i would be able to do all that and not fall over dead every day.


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