Thursday, September 6, 2007

the short of it:

I know it's been at least a million years (too many days) since I last posted anything. So, to all of my loyal readers (Hi, Mom!) I want to apologize.

Biology, Film and Biology--OH MY!

There was no official Art Appreciation (in class form) due to Labor Day. I did appreciate the Art of Tennis (a lot of tennis) but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Biology Lab Notes
took our first quiz--definitely more involved than I expected
had our first "activity" lab--I really like my group
made slides and did some "gram staining"
stained the tip of my finger red in the process
took swabs from specific locations to see the bacteria growth
(results next week)
I chose a shared computer keyboard, I may never type again

Film Class Notes
watched examples of cinematography and editing from:
Citizen Kane
Touch of Evil

Biology Lecture Notes
geological time scale: eons, eras, periods and everything associated with them (evolution, fossils, continental drifts)
leading into: bacteria, viruses

Tennis (because I must)
I have watched enough Tennis to get my fill until next season and the U.S. Open isn't even over yet:

Federer d. Isner/Federer d. Lopez/Federer d. Roddick
Roddick d. Berdych/Federer d. Roddick
Haas d. Blake
Nadal d. Tipsarevic/Nadal d. Tsonga/Ferrer d. Nadal

Notice the lack of Ladies...they play before the men and due to my crazy schedule, I don't get to watch WHOLE matches--but I've caught a lot of the Williams sisters in action. I'll definitely be watching as much of the Semis and Finals as possible. GO VENUS!

That's the short of it.


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