Friday, September 7, 2007

Open Letter to Andy Roddick:

Dear Andy,

That match Wednesday night was something else. As "luck" would have it, I got out of my class about 20 minutes early and was able to rush home just in time to watch the first tie-break. Wow! What an electric atmosphere, it was as if the entire stadium was ready to explode.

I watched & watched and couldn't believe the level of talent coming through my set. I have caught more than a few matches of yours (some in person, thank you very much) and I must say this could very well be the best I have ever seen you play!

And then you lose. How is that even possible? Oh, yeah--maybe it was the Swiss machine (seriously, does he even sweat?) on the opposite side of the net. Goodness gracious!

I read the transcripts of the press conference afterward and was surprised to read such inane questions, my favorite being: Do you still think you can beat him? Which, in my opinion, is the equivalent of: Why get out of bed every morning if you know one day you're going to die anyway?

When I "grow up" and finally get to ask questions to important people/regular people/people I am interviewing/etc. I will make sure to leave the stupid questions behind. Or at least I will try to apologize for them. Seriously.

If you were playing anybody else, you would have smashed them (like you smashed that racket at the RMK Championships this past February). Congratulations on all the Net shots you won and the ones you were brave enough to try. It was impressive.

I can't wait to watch you finally beat Federer. No disrespect to him, of course. But it will happen. If I have my way, I hope to be there to see it!


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