Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All about the Spirogyra:

So I spent a lot of time Monday afternoon at work, in a silent conversation with all that is Holy. I was in the grips of "trying to get sick" and I was fading fast. I saw myself failing tests and was near panic. I did some bargaining and even offered up a weekend for "sick" if I could just made it through the week without being doomed to bed.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning: I didn't feel half bad or half good but better than the day before. Thank goodness for small miracles and antihistamines.

Rewind to Monday night: We had our first Art "test" and although I didn't ace it, I didn't fail it either. I completely blanked on an artist's name. Whoops. I had an interesting conversation before class with the professor about two movies he had seen and was going to recommend to the class. Guess what? I had seen one and knew about the second one. Moral of the story? Netflix pays.

Back to Tuesday morning: I need to tell the world a deep, dark secret. Ready? I am a horrible at trying to find something microscopic under the microscope. So I'm glad I have two people who CAN in my Bio II Lab group. Once it's focused, I can "see" but I spent a few minutes focusing in on the "edge" of a slide and assuming it was the edge of an amoeba. Not cool.

Also, (and this is a shout out to all the "geeks" out there) Spirogyra is some super awesome looking algae. Go ahead and GOOGLE it....I'll wait. And the funny thing is, my Lab partner pointed out exactly how "geeky" we sounded because not only was I fascinated, she was as well.


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Stephanie said...

A hint: Microscope objectives are always dirty. They get oil on them (blame the Bio I class)... and you can spend an eternity trying to focus on something, when - in fact - a little spritz of cleaner and some lens paper can make your life ten-million times easier. Okay - maybe not your 'life,' but at least your 'lab.'

Oh - and while we're at it - one more hint: When studing for a test.... always memorize a color and a shape for each slide. Example: grey dots. pink squiggles. blue grains. Your professor will use the CLASS slides on the exam. It can help narrow things down.


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