Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mind Freak:

(has the term been registered or copy written? Sorry, no Criss Angel here)

Instead I am going to talk about the original 'Mind Freak' offered up here by Raphael circa 1509. We studied The School of Athens in Art Appreciation for so long last night...I thought I was going to accidentally fall into it!

Nevermind all the famous philosophers wandering about (that's enough to think about in itself) but it's such a grand example of every possible linear perspective technique.

One-point becomes two-point and just imagine NONE of the actual people present and just look at the fore and background and how it appears the hallway just goes on and on and on...the archways the sky. Then throw your subjects back into it and you can study eye level, main vanishing points, and our central figures...
(nuts is code for amazingly genius!)



Laura said...

Hi Janet --

Your new blog layout looks great! So much news, I'm going to scroll through and read it all right now.

Just wanted to say hello and tell you to read my brant. I talked about you (again).

janet said...

Thank you (although I just made it more "seasonal" so forgive the ORANGENESS!)....

Being "branted" made my day!



Gwendolen Gross said...

love it. Haven't thought art that way in a while (so thanks for sharing a student mind).
Hello, and xo,

janet said...

My student mind loves sharing! Thanks GG!



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