Sunday, September 2, 2007

NYT mention:

So I don't think this means I can officially say I've been featured in The New York Times (Sunday Book Review), but by way of default:

I've been featured in the The New York Times!

Actually I'm not really featured in the article, but I'm quasi-mentioned in the same breath as author Laura Zigman. And being as she is a literary hero of mine (and my Den Mother *snort*), I couldn't be more honored.

I even get to be the "dropped out of college" girl. Of course we all know I'm back in school, I guess the author of the article didn't get the memo.

And as far as the "bucking up" is concerned, that phrase makes me laugh uncontrollably.


p.s. Kudos again to Marlene and her mad "screen cap" skills!

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