Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday, Monday:

Fare Thee Well, U.S. Open! You kept me thoroughly entertained for 2 weeks now and I hate to see you go. How many more months before the new season begins?

The Men's Finals were extremely entertaining and I was very impressed by the young Novak Đoković. (plus, he's a "take off my shirt and toss it to the crowd" kinda guy--you won't see me complaining!) He could've won this thing! Wow! So I guess Roger Federer is mortal afterall...but maybe not.

It was good to see them both so genuinely moved/touched/happy during the Trophy Ceremony. I love Tennis!

Tonight is only my second Art Appreciation class (even though this starts the 3rd week of classes). I don't know what to expect. We really weren't given any instructions two weeks ago and so I think I'll read one more chapter before I go.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's Bio Lab. I don't think I've ever said that before! We get to see the incubated bacteria "swabs" that we collected. Also we can bring in samples of Fungi and Lichens for "extra" credit. I wanted to bring in some Stachybotrys chartarum...but it might be harder to find than I previously thought.

aside: although do I really want to see all the "regular" everyday bacteria that's found on "regular" everyday surfaces? I could become a alcohol (isopropanol, not grain) spraying freak. I already use enough Germ-X at work!

I have a "hot" Lunch Date today...with my dear lil' J-Mo...and his Mama! Yay!


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