Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yes, really 4 whole hours:

Be aware: Wednesdays will definitely be "tough" for me from now until the middle of December.

Tough, as in "time consuming"

time consuming= (13 hours) 9am-5pm at work & 6pm-10pm in class

I signed up for this, I know. I'm just stating the obvious because I experienced it for the first time yesterday and everything hit me like a ton o' bricks. That's one damn long day! Now realize that I am at work until 9pm the night before (Tuesday) and have class at 9am (Thursday).

So last night in Film class (seems like a good bunch of people, yay!) we discussed our general syllabus and class assignments (10 in-class screenings, journals, papers, exams) for a couple hours and then we started talking about Mise en scène--which literally means "putting into the scene".

We looked at examples from THE FIRM, doesn't Memphis look so lovely on the big screen? After this I believe the entire class wanted to JUST watch The Firm. I know I'll have to watch it again soon--because it's fabulous.

Then we got to our (class chosen) actual screening of MODERN TIMES (1936) which I know I've seen bits and pieces of it before but I do not remember the entire film. It's in black and white. It's a silent film (aside from some voice heard over radios, etc.) and it was also written, produced, directed by and stars Charlie Chaplin.

Good stuff...was this really done in 1936? It didn't take long to not even notice that it was a) black and white and b) "silent". And of course there were good examples of Mise en scène (the whole point of watching this classic). I officially get to "journal" about this for class so I will save you from that for now.

Now I get to go to....WORK...and I haven't even talked about Bio II yet!


p.s. Way to go ANDY RODDICK et al!


mia said...

that is an amazingly long day you have. i would be asleep at my desk in about 5 seconds flat. i am a bear without my oh say 12 hours sleep. ;)

janet said...

Yes. Yes. and Yes.

There will be a period of 18 hours between Wednesday 6pm and Thursday Noon where I will spend 7 hours in class in the same building...

doesn't sound too bad until you start thinking about it!



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