Friday, August 17, 2007

Elvis + Coffee = LOVE!

So I have another local coffee (my beloved boc) to rave about! A dear friend gave me a 12oz bag of Lamberts Coffee as a "thank you" for helping with her baby shower a month ago. The flavor: Buttermoon ("secret blend of sweet nut and a hint of rich caramel")...oh holy Elvis, it's some great stuff!

Yes, I've been drinking coffee despite the record setting temperatures...but I've been adding ice cubes to the mix.

Now that Elvis week is coming to a close, I am a bit sadden. I did get to watch some great shows yesterday--especially on TvLand. Ed Sullivan's Rock & Roll Classics: Elvis AND Elvis by the Presleys had me completely glued to the set. What an amazing man.


I even "won" a little competition based on Elvis with the prize of COFFEE! ELVIS coffee (Elvis's Last Jelly Donut" from Cafe Francisco) 1 love + 1 love = a cup o' happiness.

WOO! I might even give over the fact I have to work this Saturday.



El Escritor said...

I must know more about this delicious coffee. Do they have a store where one can go so one doesn't have to go to all the trouble of brewing it?

Are you going to Memphis or SW this semester? And are you finished with the calculator? We need to talk.

janet said...

it's the trouble o' brewing for you my's horrible, isn't it?

SW this semester and the calculator is not needed again until Spring....

yes, we do need to talk!


Anonymous said...

Email me your address so I can send you your prize :-)

anotherworkingmom at gmail dot com



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