Saturday, August 25, 2007

not exactly soap-on-a-rope:

Confession: Hello, my name is Janet and I love soap. REALLY love soap!

Almost exactly a year ago I got a lovely gift in the mail: Soap, glorious soap! Yes. Soap. It was "Apple Butter" soap to be exact: thick, honeyed apple-butter, lightly spiced with summer-sweet clover and cinnamon to be exact made by Villainess™ aka Brooke Stant.

This started my obsession.

If you've already started drooling, don't be embarrassed. I wanted to eat the stuff as soon as I unwrapped it and the fragrance hit my nose. It was honest to goodness APPLE BUTTER! I quickly jumped into the shower and lathered up. It was pure magic, I didn't want to leave the confines of my little happy domain. Silky smooth lather was everywhere from a little 3.5oz of beautiful handmade goodness. And you can only imagine the smell...I was hooked.

As soon as I was able to pull myself from the shower I hopped online and ordered enough handmade AND sometimes limited edition soap to keep me "clean" for years. Really, years (I'm a bit embarrassed to say).

Guess what everyone got from me last Christmas? Soap.

Guess how many bars I've gifted over the last year? Too many to count.

What's the big deal? Soap is soap is...not exactly! According to the website: This formula is an indulgent blend of delicate vegetable oils, and exotic unrefined butters. We've taken the luxury a step further with gratuitous additions like Chocolate, Tussah Noil "Peace" Silk, Honey, Cucumber, Volcanic Clay, and a wealth of organic goodies. Hint: DO NOT let a bar sit in standing water, it has so much good stuff in it, you don't want it to melt away too fast.

The names! The smell! The absolutely yummy feeling from BAR soap. I haven't used anything liquid or "foaming" to bathe in, in...almost a year.

Some of my favorites:
Silk & Cyanide featuring crushed almonds and oats for gentle exfoliation
Crushed complete with raspberry bits and dark chocolate and sandalwood
Villainess "the scent" with soothing pitch black Australian clay
Absinthe with pulverized cucumber, it smells exactly like green, green grass

But you have to keep on top of the madness. Our Villainess™ is crafty and comes up with brand new stuff faster than you can possibly use it all! There are at least 24 signature scents (yes, TWENTY-FOUR) while several rotate throughout the seasons. HINT: I cut chunks off of my bars so I can try different ones more frequently.

And I haven't EVEN mentioned the other bath products available yet: Smooch, Mud, and Whipped! You'll have to check those out as well (admittedly I love the soap the best, though)!

OH! And guess WHERE this stuff is manufactured? Waverly, TN! Brooke recently moved from Nashville to Waverly...but she takes orders/ships worldwide!

Seriously. Check it out.


I'm currently using: Gernade Lemon-lime soda sweetened with grenadine and a single maraschino cherry.


mia said...

i love soap too ! one of the big things for me is how good you feel ALL day. when you wake up in the morning and take a shower with a beautiful scented delicious handmade artisan soap it stays with you. that little bit of indulgence goes a long way!

plus, its always best to support your fave artists and buy indie !

Melissa said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Apple Butter soap so much! I love Villainness because of the variety of scents and textures, and the quality ingredients. These soaps make a common thing such as showering seem more like a pampering, spa-like experience.

Kelly said...

I have experienced these soaps because the wonderful Janet has sent a few to me. Luxurious. Wonderful. Turns your shower into a soapy wonderland. Thanks Janet for spreading the gift of soap. Ha.

Anonymous said...

i LOVED the soap you gave me...and i'd been meaning to ask you about it/where you got it, etc. i think you gave me 2 kinds...and i liked them both, but one of them was pure heaven! did I ever say Thank You? i remember it arrived at a particularly stressful time (haha...the past two years of my life have been particularly stressful), but i hope i at least thanked ya!

i by far prefer barsoap to liquid/foam...i gave up shower gel a while ago.

maybe i need to splurge on some of this Villainness stuff? are they on the web?

Allenus said...

Okay, it is Monday, August 27th. I fully expect a complete synopsis of the new classes no later than 10pm.


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