Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Because I have nothing better to do:

(except work and sweat)

I was visiting my favorite 'New Mother' this evening and we found ourselves (while watching her wee little baby make funny 'almost asleep' faces) having a glorious conversation about one of our absolute favorite subjects: BOOKS.

(yes, nerds are usually found in pairs)

She talked about the book she is currently reading (this one, it was a gift from me) and returned the last one she read (this one). Then I borrowed one from her: The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl. Has anyone read it?

Since I haven't read Dante's Inferno I decided to brush up some in order the "get" the book. I just started looking over it online, but I know enough already to tell you I deserve to be permanently placed in the second circle of Hell. (look it up, you'll know my greatest personal sin--I'll be super impressed!)

So I'm studying over one of the greatest works of world literature so I'll be able to read and understand a more contemporary piece. Did I mention I was NOT IN an actual CLASS right now (they start on the 27th). I applaud myself for having such lofty literary goals.

Back to some Elvis Love:

Strangest Elvis Sighting: I was running (walking briskly) to the appropriate gate at the Atlanta/Hartsfield airport when I came upon an Elvis Impersonator (he was cute!) entertaining fellow travellers. It was the weekend before Elvis Week cira the year 2000. I was returning from North Carolina and waiting to board my returning flight to Memphis. Guess who else was on my plane? Elvis flys first class, just in case you had your doubts. I saw him as I walked to the back of the plane.

Coolest Elvis "wall" Moment: I was standing in line on August 15, waiting for my opportunity to pay tribute to the man, when I started reading messages on "the wall" (you know the one I'm talking about--it's completely covered in handwritten declarations of love). Guess what I noticed immediately when I started reading? The message I had left about 2 weeks before when I toured Graceland with a large group. My own little message lasted THAT long.

We've been listening to Elvis at work and I've been hunting down the Collector's cards at various Mapco locations around the city. Thanks Commercial Appeal, you've helped make my week complete!



Anonymous said...

You're the winner!!!

janet said...

yay! using my Elvis addiction to fund my coffee addiction....I'm so proud of me!



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