Saturday, August 11, 2007

he's still the King:

I know some will consider it a sickness.

I still don't know why I have SO MANY Elvis CDs myself, but it's around this time of year I have to take them out and covet. I feel no shame to bring on the Elvis Love.

At work, a few weeks ago my boss began quizzing me on a few Elvis facts he picked up in a book he was reading (no, not a book about The King, but the book featured a character who apparently loved him enough to know quite a few little things). Guess what? I pretty much knocked all of the answers off the top of my head.

He laughed. I simply asked, "What? Everyone knows that!" But he said, "No, no they don't."

Maybe my Elvis knowledge is more than most, but I still beg to differ.

I've read somewhere that 1/3 of all Elvis fans weren't even born when he passed away. Oddly enough, I was born 38 weeks after Aug 16, 1977--so I was in utero. So technically I fit into this category as well.

Elvis CDs in my Collection: at least 30
Graceland Visits: 3
Vigil Appearances: 1 (very sad)

My Favorites:
Photos/Book: Elvis at 21: New York to Memphis
Movies: G.I. Blues (although I really don't like the movies)
Lullaby: Hawaiian Sunset (from Blue Hawaii)
70s era Song: Suspicious Minds
60s era Song: One Night
50s era Song: Such A Night
Movie Song: Wooden Heart/Pocketful of Rainbows (from GI Blues)
"Special": The 1968 Comeback Special
song About Elvis: Elvis is Everywhere by Mojo Nixon

And that's about the sound of it.



El Escritor said...

The king is still alive... I saw him on TV yesterday!!! Jerry Lawler is doing fine!

janet said...

ha ha! you slay me!


mia said...

they just had wayne newton on tv and he showed the letter elvis wrote him and read it. CHILLS !

ELVIS PRESLEY gave pal WAYNE NEWTON a rare insight into his desperate state of mind just three months before he died, when he wrote the crooner a heartfelt letter.

Newton, who has the letter framed at his Las Vegas, Nevada home, admits he still gets choked up when he casts a glance at the scribbled note.

It reads, "I feel so alone sometimes. The night is quiet for me. I'd love to be able to sleep. I'm glad that everyone has gone now... Help me lord."

Newton, who befriended Elvis when the two singers realised they had dated the same woman, says, "A finer human being never took a breath of air."


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