Thursday, August 2, 2007


So today in Algebra I was reintroduced to the Pythagorean Theorem:
(the formula to find the unknown side of a right triangle if the two other sides are known, usually known as a square plus b square equals c square)

Oddly enough Pythagoras has been all over my world lately:

1) obviously in Algebra (easy one there)

2) I turned on ACE OF CAKES this evening while taking a little break and guess what Geof (executive sous chef) was talking about while constructing the roof of the "carousel cake" for Asbury Park? The Pythagorean Theorem. SERIOUSLY! It was kinda HOT.

3) The book I am attempting to read (I had to stop because I have no time will all of these assignments due) has a character named Thea after Pythagoras' wife "Theano" (although I read that some say she was his daughter). Really, what are the odds?

And with that all said, I guess I have to get "back to it." If I have to fore go reading a really fabulous book, I definitely can't waste time writing blog entries either. *sigh*


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Anonymous said...

It took me too long to find this entry, but it is VERY COOL. I think it is no coincidence. I think there's some mathematical formula all about Janet somewhere.....


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