Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Parking, Biology & Tennis:

First and foremost: Parking. I really would like to know exactly how many students are enrolled on this campus because it's gotta 1.2 million (could be an exaggeration) because there seemed to be that many cars looking for a parking space before 9am this morning.

1) Apparently all 1.2 million students have their classes before 9am.
a) I would personally like to meet all the brave souls in class before 9am,
b) sorry y'all, but I might be hoping you decide to sleep in Thursday

The Bio II class: Decent. Everyone seems to be friendly enough (and about 3 were in my previous Bio class). I actually chatted and sat with the girl who sat directly behind me during the month of June. We had a conversation about one guy from our other class. Funny.

2) We both overheard the same exchange between he and our professor.
a) We both remember it clearly,
b) He has no clue...and never will

A gamble: Big money. Or at least I hope to save some $$. I have now officially ordered TWO required textbooks via Amazon.com. I thought about it...but never actually did it until yesterday and today.

3) Fly like an eagle.
a) Artforms (8th edition) will make it before my next class ($20 saved)
b) my Lab manual might not make it before my next lab ($23 saved)

U.S. Open Tennis: duh! The next 13 days my classwork will have tennis in New York to compete with for my undivided attention (not exactly, don't fret). Last night I got to watch Serena Williams win her first match. I was impressed by her opponent (good attempt) as well as Serena's wardrobe malfunction (her handling of it).

4) Players I have seen play in person (so they become my favorites)
a) Haas, Murray, & the Williams sisters won their first matches yesterday
b) Andy Roddick plays tonight

And now I get to go to work for the next 7 hours!



Stephanie said...

You're totally going to become an Amazon addict. And - might I say, "Welcome to the world of OLD studerts." In my O-Chem II class, we were all old. And not a single one of us had the book until the second week of class because we refused to pay full price at the bookstore. :-)

janet said...

Old and Thrifty is HOT!


(my lab manual shipped last night...please God make it a bird so it can fly here...REALLY FAST!)



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