Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yup: I Did It!!

--"behind the scenes" business of forming a line, underground at the FedEx Forum

--listening to nervous conversations about grades, finals, and wearing the wrong shoes

--seeing classmates, celebratory hugs
--thumbing through programs to see if our names were there
--fixing mortarboards w/ extra bobby pins
--keen recognition of the's ten o'clock, it's ten o'clock on the dot

Which brought about:

--Pomp and Circumstance
--trying to find loved ones in the throngs of people
--Anthems and speeches
--collectively moving our tassels from left to right
--doctoral hooding(s) & collectively getting upset if it was crooked
--hoping no one tripped across the stage
--listening for mispronunciations (and chiding the pronouncer)
--waving at classmates as they strolled by
--hooting as they walked across the stage


*I was strutting across the stage,
*shaking Dr. Raines' hand,
*getting my empty diploma cover,
*having another photo taken,
*wandering back to my assigned seat...REALIZING it all went by WAY TOO FAST!

Before we knew it, we were singing the Alma Mater, squealing or throwing our caps. We were waving like rock stars or drifting around in a daze.

Congratulatory remarks were flying around our heads. We were a big group of the same energy--in elevators, discarding our gowns. Passing people in small corridors...smiling and relaxed.

I took more photos (but really, I didn't take nearly enough)...there were yummy sandwiches from Fino's...and the world's greatest NAP before checking grades AGAIN (still waiting on one)...

Then a tableful of friends, food, and drink....THEN GIFTAGE!? I have the most thoughtful group who spoil me something rotten (all inclusive list):

a lapdesk? YES!
alcohol? YES! (coffee & vodka! wine!)
pens? YES!
intial mug? YES!
Starbucks cards and B&N cards...
"Word Lover's Dictionary" (be still my beating heart!)
Yummy chocolate!
a pilfered glass goblet (how did that end up in there?)
another book of...WORDS!

The love and support is enough, surely it is enough! :D


UPDATE (as it happens): Dean't List!


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