Friday, December 4, 2009

Confused Animals:

Yoga is to be practiced in silence--

I mean, we're silently focusing on our breath and our body. No words are to be escaping our lips....BUT

sometimes, I just want to talk. (I know, big shocker--go ahead and smirk)

Cat/Cow Stretch is one of these times.

Meow Moo. Meow Moo.

*Stretches front (back) torso & neck
*Provides gentle massage to spine & belly organs

Can't you just see a roomful of people Meowing and Mooing together as they Cat/Cow stretch?

The thought makes me smile really big.

Notice no mention of that comes: STILL IN PROGRESS.

I have never had as much trouble with a "single" 8-page paper that I can remember. Anyone? The "paper fairy" hasn't visited. Maybe she got lost along the way?

Other than that, I'm barreling into my work week. I wasn't even sure WHAT TIME I was to go in until I called and checked. I am so on top of things!

I am one school away from having all of my transcripts..."taken care of" there is "Grad School Specialist" who takes care of all of the paperwork FOR YOU?

Just the running around part.
The calling & filing out application after application part.
The calculating GPAs and addressing big envelopes part.
The chart-making, keeping it all straight part.

IS THERE? I think I just created a "new job" for someone.

Speaking of job...*checks clock*...meow moo.


P.S. GRE scores are apparently out and about (as reported by a couple universities) I am still waiting for my copy in the mail.

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