Monday, December 14, 2009

Looking for Signs:

(omens, symbols, secret messages)

Sometimes (all of the time) you need to be very wary as to the words around you (says the creative writing major). Yes, I said WORDS.

I could include about a million axioms or phrases about the power of words HERE, but I shall try to keep this as "brief" as possible (which means I am going to ramble for a while).

I like to keep things. Usually paper-based things...try not to imagine a hoarder here, but if you must go ahead--being crushed to death by all of my paper-based things would be a poetic way to go.

Don't throw away that receipt or that ticket stub (or that notebook filled with class notes and random snatches of Janet work, not only will it be in the Janet museum one day) because I will surely have a psychotic break if you do!

Years ago (like 5, 6, or 7) I started saving the wrappers from the Dove Promise chocolate my boss would give me.

It was usually dark chocolate (his favorite, not mine)--Because there were little inspirational messages written inside.

This was before the website dedicated to these little messages.

(which I just found and makes my saved wrappers seem a little bit cheap, but that's okay--I know they are authentic)

So this weekend whilst I was cleaning something (instead of doing something for school) I came across a little box with two messages stuffed inside.

It was a week before graduation miracle! (the cleaning? the finding?)

(the real miracle would be finishing my assignments within the next 2 days)

Now the force that made me save these two messages was the little voice inside me that was whispering: GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

It took me a few years (3, 4, or 5) to finally recognize said voice--but I did! And here I am, less than a week away from getting my degree--BA in English (creative writing).

OH YEAH.....
I have had this message taped to my bedroom mirror for several years too. (See, I can be fun!)

I think this is the mantra from the night of December 19th...or maybe it's for the rest of 2009...

celebrations are in order! It's only been a goal...13+ years in the making--WHOOOPIEEEE!

(yeah, I know--get back to work--study, write the paper--blah blah blah)



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