Monday, December 28, 2009

Sending Children by Mail?

It was the best analogy I could come up with--really!

500 pages later--I have all the copies of my work for my MFA packets.

(multiply 500 by 8 cents)

I took a photo via the BoysenBerry as I was waiting for everything to print.

It feels strange not knowing the name of the young lady who helped me get everything going at Kinko's. She has no idea how BIG a role she played in my application process--I picked the recycled paper so I'd feel better about myself.

Three packets have already hit the Letter trucks! (Look out Alabama, Virginia, and Florida--special delivery!) more will be out by tomorrow!

(wanna see more receipts?)

And as I dropped the big brown envelopes into the slot my stomach did the same. I said, "I just sent my children out via the mail!"

I got two chuckles from the people in line behind me. It was probably out of pity because I quickly became an idiot during the processing.

But maybe they are just little pieces of my heart (hopes, dreams)...CHILDREN, right? The idea of it all makes me want to hurl.

Brave and Bold am I!



Kelly said...

Best of luck! I bet your children will do great!

janet said...

HA! Thanks! They're a little quirky, just like Mama. We'll see.

I read your poem (about me!) to a friend not too long ago--they loved your style. We need to get back into that...



Kelly said...

We do indeed! :)I need to write more in 2010. How did you know?

janet said...

I'm about the quote the last line of a story I wrote this year, ready?

"I just did."



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