Tuesday, December 1, 2009

If you need me--

I'll be here:



Surrounded by highliters & Sharpie pens, stacks of books & binders filled with information.

Vessels of coffee shall be consumed.
The Internet shall be surfed.

There will may be tears.
There will may be screaming.

Caution--this is a frequent four-letter word zone.

I am beginning my "busiest" undergraduate week--because so much is at stake. Construction and completion of two large-ish papers (upper division classes, NOT in my major field of study) is underway.

Get out the orange cones & hard hats.

One paper contains sections with THESE five subheadings:

Me and my daughter… / Where are you going? / Words like violence / It doesn’t mean that much to me / She’s not a girl who misses much

The other comes directly from the book Unbending Gender by Joan Williams (maybe I'll throw in some philosophers for good measure, too).

Light a candle. Whisper some words of encouragement. I need it.


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Anonymous said...

daumen drueck und grosse kerze anbrennt


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