Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Should I be blogging? No. I have a paper gnashing its teeth at me something fierce.

So why am I blogging? Because.

The days are flying by and I am drowning in a great deal of sorrow. I know, I know. Super nerd should be happy to be “moving on” and all that jazz.

I’m such a sentimental student!

*I’d like to sit in the lobby of Patterson just a wee bit longer.
*I want to continue to wave and smile at (former/current) professors.
*There needs to be at least 25 more stops at Edgar Allen Joe’s for water.
*Running into former classmates and chatting should be a daily occurrence.

I know I might very well end up in the same building again come next August. There is always a possibility of that because I have applied to the MFA program at Memphis as well. Nevertheless, it will be different. It will be as a “lettered” woman.


“Funny” story from last night (deserving of a photo):

I’m attempting to write understand my assignment when my cursor won’t move.

My mouse batteries have DIED!

Panic sets in.

What am I going to do about my Wordscraper games, paper I am writing?

But then I remember the batteries I purchased…BUT WHERE ARE THEY?

I find the batteries, but THEY ARE THE WRONG SIZE!

Then I remember the “extra” mouse has the “different” size batteries…but WHERE IS THE EXTRA MOUSE?

Then I find it.But what about the little USB connector?

WHERE IS IT? Then I find it. Finally we have CURSOR movement!

This was all right after my printer ran out of ink...yeah. Good times. Now back to writing I mean Wordscraper, yes WRITING.



Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! You are so funny. I'm sorry you are sad about your student status. I would like to tell you not to be sad, but there are days when I miss college myself. Notice I didn't say "nursing school". I think I actually missed the craziness that was my first few years. I didn't destroy my health with stress until Nursing School...well, except for my liver.

珍珠奶茶Eason said...
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