Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the Urge to Blog--

...becomes extremely strong when I have another assignment due (or I should be working on aforementioned assignment because it is due really soon instead of blogging)...

Lucky you (that one reader).

So begins the first week of November. So begins the rush to Graduation. Of course, one must pass her classes in order to graduate--so let's keep that in mind.

I have been a busy girl. I nearly have a personal statement ready to go (it's just like workshopping a fiction piece, although it's nonfiction & almost as important as the fiction pieces included in my portfolio).

Halloween 2009 aka Lenny Kravitz rocks my world!!!

it's blurry*
it's Lenny from the third row.

Give me a break--
He. Is. Scrumptious.

Great friends
= a night not soon forgotten.

Back from Lenny dreamland. *snap snap* FOCUS!

2nd philosophy paper about Men doing Feminism is due in 48hrs
I have two project proposals due in seven days
I have another abnormal psychology exam coming up
In less than TWO weeks I take the GRE...

Each of these is enough to make a lesser person hyperventilate. WHO AM I KIDDING? I need a brown paper bag, STAT!

Oh yeah! And this is my second day off "soda." NOT water (dressed in brown), just "pop."


*proof I need A with me at all times--at least to capture events on film.


allison said...

heh heh heh... men doing feminism.

janet said...

If you're "good," I might even let you read it. Yanno--after I write it.



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