Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What I Learned Today:

to accept a B- and realize that it’s a good great grade (especially in an upper division subject that is NOT your major)

Nuns ride around Memphis in late model Tercels (however, they do NOT go the speed limit)

saying “don’t drop the coffee” internally means you will do just that (in the front seat of your car even)

always have a towel in your car (see above), or in your Yoga bag

filling out seven requests for transcripts makes your hand tired

emailing with a professor via BlackBerry is convenient

some SEC schools help fund their football program by charging $7.50 PER transcript (thanks a lot!)

despite what happened the last time my Tigers played a certain team, I will be watching tonight (but closing my eyes when they "talk" about "it")

even though I will be "half-way" teaching our class (mini-presentation) on Thursday, I'm NOT worried!

(it was confirmed) that I love a bunch of people!



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