Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two Down:

(not of the marriage kind)

Paper proposals.

They seem "smarty" enough even.

of course, this means I have to write aforementioned "smarty" papers soon.

Oy vey!

I'm very proud and or confident about one of these final projects.

In that one I'm jumping back a few years (2001) and using an album by one of my favorite singer-songwriters to explore cross-gendered music. What happens when a song originally written and performed by one gender is covered by another.

Doesn't that seem brilliante'? I can't claim the idea as my own. It actually came from a lecture concerning the Liederkreis or song-cycle composed by Robert Schumann--a German romantic composer during the 19th century. His wife was actually the subject of our lecture though--Clara Schumann is amazing!

My "other" proposal was born out of the Shriver Report and I think I over-thought it. We'll see what the professor says--I am way out of my league on that one.

Full Frontal Feminism, deal with it!

So today's photo was taken from my BlackBerry. I wore my plaid Birkenstocks for the first time this semester. The weather was perfect. Swirling leaves and warm temperatures led to interesting sights on campus:

  • Peter Pan & Tinkerbelle in full costume (fairy wings included)
  • followed by two girls, arm-in-arm
  • a crazed-squirrel trying to decide which tree to scale
  • five or six tiny birds sharing a chocolate chip cookie

I survived. Now onto another day...(GRE countdown: SIX days)...


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