Sunday, November 15, 2009


Last night I had a terrifying dream about taking the GRE! And the strange part is I wasn't even thinking about it when I went to bed (not consciously).

I felt confident after taking a practice exam yesterday afternoon. I did better than I had done all summer long. My "percentile" was acceptable.

In the dream: I was taking the exam on a strange computer. All the questions were so much easier than expected.

My genius had me light years ahead of every human thought. But the keyboard wasn't working and the mouse was going haywire.

In other words, I couldn't physically pick the "right" answers.

The ones I THOUGHT were "right."


Photo credit goes to....??? It's a found snapshot while browsing Square America. (Get over there! You'll be amazed at "our" amateur work)

I didn't even find the website on my own. That credit goes to the author, Katherine Center. And as if being a published author wasn't enough, if you take a gander at her website you will see how the threads of creativity weave together a fantastic woman.

I submitted ON PURPOSE the first part of an application to another graduate school yesterday--by the way. Very satisfying. I might even do another one today, just because!



Katherine Center said...

Yay! Thanks for posting about my blog!! I remember taking the GRE for grad school (in creative writing). I just filled in a pattern on the math side of things. Just a little zig-zag. Didn't even read the questions! Probably not the best strategy, looking back... Happy Sunday!

janet said...

You're Welcome, K!

Tomorrow if during the "math side" I find myself utterly confused and I can't come up with all the answers, I'll start a random pattern--ha!



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