Monday, August 10, 2009

Swampy Delta Good Times:

("I think we’re about to have an exorcism!"<---said by me!)
(all photos courtesy of Allison)

Counting Crows + Augustana + 5th Row + Free Drinks = AMAZING!

Notice Adam Durtiz sporting a cane--he had a knee injury (which cancelled the previous night's show)--thank goodness he was ON for us!

Dan Layus (Augustana)
I’ll be witness…it was full up on vocals, convulsions, and such.

Adam looking like a certain other man
(imagine long hair, a robe, maybe a crown of thorns)…

Jesus Christ, superstar!

(Which I actually shouted every time the two drunkards in matching black polo shirts and muscles in front of us came back from making a beer run)

Story: I discussed beating them about the head with the aluminum beer bottles; clearly, I was filled with the spirit—and all of this after telling strangers I loved them!
& some of the band(s)...the show was mostly played together. Big collaboration--and they had great timing and chemistry!
See the drummer there? When we were bargaining off band members, Allison "got" him...I had to relent.
Strummin' my soul--as my guitar gently sweats! Yes. I finally had a crush on a "guitar"...isn't it purdy? Even though I'd like to see the Counting Crows [alone]...think "unplugged" it was a magical night. My favorite song was probably their cover of CECELIA (my fave Simon & Garfunkel tune) was a hand clappin' and feet stompin' good time...

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Jana said...

And I'm still jealous!


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