Thursday, November 12, 2009

11/12 = Fantastic!

It all started with "a good hair day." Yes, I am being a bit vain--but is it absolutely true!

Then I met with one of my recommenders--and those ten letters of recommendation she wrote for me? complete! Done. Finito!

Coincidence? I mentioned my "accidental" submission to one program (aka I hit "submit" and assumed I would be prompted to enter credit card/payment information--NOPE! it SENT!)--just the FIRST part of the application...but I've gotten emails from the Director of the program already.

Long story, short--I mentioned this and SHE KNOWS THE DIRECTOR! What a small world. So that letter was addressed specifically to him. This means nothing in the long run, it's a numbers game, percentages are never in the applicant's favor--BUT it never hurts!

I was picked up by my BFF (one of my classes was cancelled) and we went to lunch at Fino's. Yes, the best little Italian grocery store in the city. What could be better than Fino's with your BFF? Exactly.

The lecture in my Philosophy class was interesting. (My proposal got the thumbs down, I have to go back to the drawing board with that one, oh well I wasn't "feeling" it either.)

Pecan Pie Cookie for snack (from aforementioned BFF) after before class...yum yum yum!

I came home to mail from aforementioned university (the one I sent the application to online, because I was a bit trigger happy)....NICE!

Then onward to YOGA:
ARF! (Downward Facing Dog)

Not my favorite pose (I've said this time and time again)--but tonight? Not so bad. I only had to modify it a few times.

AND when we went "one-legged" or "three-legged" depending on your point of view--I was a rock star.

(that means to pick one of those legs up and "throw" it over to the side, aka bend the extended leg at the knee)

Of course, my heels never stay flat on the floor--but tonight, while on one-leg, SUCCESS! (My left foot was flat on the floor!)

Moving Right along---apparently my Personal Statement is COMPLETE! I was informed of this by a professional (person I trust dearly)...and she wouldn't lie...but I had a feeling when I sent her the revision.

Next up? THE GRE (on Monday)! But who can stop me now? That's what I thought too....nobody!



Anonymous said...

Ugh I forgot your GRE was sneaking up so stealthily! Good luuuuck!

Alyssa said...

Good luck on your GRE!

Which programs are you applying to?

janet said...

Sion--It's sneaking up like a bad migraine!

Aly--THANKS! (and welcome!)

George Mason
Georgia College & State U.
U. of Houston
Washington U. (in St. Louis)


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