Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who's Got the Wheel?

I really don't know either!

Today is the day after the day I took the GRE.

Notice that my body isn't floating downstream (sorry, I've been watching/reading The Hours). But I did have a conversation about what river would be the "best" to dive into--Mississippi? Potomac? Hudson?

With that thing out of the way, you'd think I'd be jumpin' for joy (or another trite phrase), but I'm not. I'm still trying to figure out HOW I nearly ran out of time on the Verbal section. It's quite galling, to tell you the truth.

Why did I get THREE ridiculous reading comp passages? (One was related to a class I am taking, which means I probably answered questions the way I would answer questions, not the author of the passage)

Then came the over-thinking & the FLASHING clock in the corner. Yes, it flashes at you when you're about to commit a whammy.

I honestly thought about NOT getting my scores--which is something you can opt to do, by the way. You can say--NO SCORES! And nothing is reported, but you have to spend $$$ and reschedule.

But after I got my scores--thirty points under what I was shooting for...ARRGGHH! Again, my body isn't floating downstream.

I was stuffed with mezzaluna pasta last night instead. Crescent-shaped ravioli filled with four Italian cheeses. And I get to have the leftovers for lunch today! YUM!

I won't look at the calendar, but I know I don't have THAT much time left before the semester ends--my undergraduate career ends. I'm hangin' on for dear life, but someone's got their foot on the gas petal...



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