Friday, November 6, 2009


aka my extra super enemies.

REALLY! I can't look at a calendar anymore--and won't be able to until the beginning of the year, I'm sure of it. I was going to find a cool example/photo of a marked up calendar to post, but just Googling "calendar" made me want to vomit. Honestly.

It's a relatively new aversion. I discovered it a couple weeks ago while I was at work. I started looking at the schedule. Then it began--it started in my stomach before rising to my brain (the fear).

Before I knew it I was flipping and counting and mumbling dates and times.

  • HOW many weeks before I have X, Y & Z due?
  • HOW many days until the GRE?
  • HOW am I going to mail ALL of these portfolios out by Dec. XX

I bought a cute little planner at the beginning of the semester. I made an Excel-type chart too. I can NOT look at those--or the FEAR rises.

Yesterday I walked into a random salon and proclaimed:

"I need my hair cut!"

Highlights? Naw. A "Glaze"...SURE!

Wax my eyebrows? No problem.

The stylist probably could've sold me some prime land in Florida! I was worn out. I had finished & turned in my "mini" paper (discussed on Tuesday)--I was DONE!

And mini-pampering session was PERFECT! (Thanks Rowdy!)

I took a few funny pictures late last night. I have no idea WHAT that shadow is (the one beginning to slide across my face)...I think it's THE FEAR (of calendars)!


p.s. I haven't had a "soda" since SUNDAY! That sOUND you JUST heard was my horror-movie-screamin'...

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Anonymous said...

Your calendar sneaking up for a paper cut attack?

I still have a problem with calendars. I seem to unless they're blank (yet already "filled in").


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