Saturday, August 8, 2009

You've been Bejeweled!

(not to be confused with, push, and pop!)

from the website: Match sparkling gems three at a time to make them burst in showers of color and points.

Match four or more to create flashy power gems that boost your score and your mood with brilliant cascades and combos.

A lot of people are familiar with Bejeweled! I think it even come pre-loaded on on cell phones now--maybe under a different name.

But my first time with this game was really on Facebook. Someone sent me a link and I was gone. Addicted. Obsessed! I like my Bejewel in Blitz format, which means in one-minute increments.

I can waste hours of time in sixty-second blocks. Perfect! I can finish one game quickly and get back to writing a paper or reading a book (or chatting, or blogging). Of course, I never just play ONE game--that would be too easy.

On Facebook there are weekly tournaments between your friends...the scores reset! You are alerted when someone beats your score--so you can start working to beat their score. It's a competitive lil' game.

OH! And you get cool little "medals" posted on your feed when you break certain levels. Maybe it's the "gold star effect" that keeps me coming back for more...

BUT really I've always been one for "mind puzzles" aka "boring" games. Tetris! Dr. Mario! Even Pacman and Ms. Pacman were just big puzzles...

More from the website: Soar to gem-matching heights in Classic mode, or speed through matches against the clock in Action.

For even more dazzling fun, bump up your brainwaves with multi-faceted Puzzles, or enter the Zen state of Endless play. Every match is high-carat fun!

Ha! Those little snippets make me laugh. This whole entry makes me laugh.



Anonymous said...

I really, *really* hope the game descriptions are written by a gay man.

janet said...

If they aren't, I'd be sorely disappointed as well!



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