Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Onward to Wednesday:

Have you ever had one of those days?

+taking a midday nap -- spending two hours not dreaming

+moments of complete & utter courage coupled with fear

+finding yourself in tears & having to retreat to your room

+forgetting everything, then remembering everything all at once

That was my Monday, but it moved into a rather joyous Tuesday. I guess that's what the psychiatrists call LIFE. I think writers call it, "material."

I guess I finally realize that December 19th (aka Graduation Day) is less than four months away. And before THAT day gets here, I will have to have completed the entire MFA application process alongside four more classes.

Oy Vey!

It is all very scary, daunting, intimidating, frightful...*insert another adjective here*

Most school have several steps when applying:
the application (to their graduate school)
the application fee(s)
the test scores (GRE--sent directly to the university)
the statement of purpose
the transcripts (sent directly from one university to the other)
the letters of recommendation (typically three required)
the assistantship/fellowship/ and financial aid application(s)

& then we have the "writing sample," which is also known as "the portfolio." These are the 20-50 pages of your fiction (if fiction is your genre) that professors get to look over and judge (rip apart or applaud). Lordy.

I can safely say that I have....(checking) least 42 50 pages of fiction...very close to ready for that moment of judgement. WOO! At least I did that this summer!

At least I'm writing, even if I don't feel prepared for the rest of the "process." Solution? I NEED AN ASSISTANT! Remember I am applying to more than TEN schools - I've lost my mind.

Being able to funnel emotions into a written form (and edit like a madwoman) is oddly comforting. I'm proving to myself that just maybe I can be a writer, it is quite easy afterall:

just open up another vein and bleed all over the place.


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