Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Night:

School is coming...

I've been looking over the schedules of some of my former classmates.

I have to say that I am impressed.

(We swapped schedules!)

One friend is taking FOUR literature classes.

FOUR (on top of two other classes)...I will tell you right now that I will NEVER be able to take FOUR literature classes in one semester.

I never realized how many "honor" students I know. Technically I would be one as well, if it weren't for the years 1998-1999. But still. SMARTIES are awesome!

Another friend is taking SWIMMING. And yet another is taking FREE WEIGHTS! Maybe those combined blows my YOGA out of the water?

Nevermind the nifty sounding sociology and anthropology classes. Whew! I think I have schedule envy!

What else to tell? I finished the first season of True Blood last week. I have to remind you that I've read most of the books. I have even loaned them out...so my friends are further ahead than I am.

I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon, but I did. AND I love it. I don't have HBO, but it appears that I have a standing Sunday night "watching" place. What's better than being hooked on a show?

(Getting someone else hooked on it as well!)

I learned that the OTHER place to be at 5 o'clock is the post office....in line, waiting to toss mail into the big blue box.

I thought all the cars in the world were at the pharmacy drive thru. I guess only 3/4 of them are....the other 1/4 are at the post office.

Honk if you already knew that!


p.s. Coffee at 10 p.m.....probably not a good idea.

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theokbunny said...

I LOVE True Blood.
I'm readying the books now. Just started "Living Dead in Dallas".


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