Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So today, I made my debut on Six Sentences.

The premise seems simple enough—writes a story in six sentences. Who can’t write just six sentences, right? EASY!

(if you write, you’re laughing already—because you know that a good story in six sentences isn’t exactly child’s play)

I definitely don’t consider myself “good” at this form of fiction (yet), which has actually been around for a while (think Aesop's Fables circa 500 BC).

I had to explain this to a friend who read my piece and said, “Huh?” He said it was a greeting card, not a story. He said it was an unrhymed poem. Then I told him that poems don’t have to rhyme…he said it was too cerebral.

(This, is a compliment—I think)

Definition (according to Wikipedia): Flash fiction is fiction of extreme brevity.There is no widely accepted definition of the length of the category. Some self-described markets for flash fiction impose caps as low as 300, while others consider stories as long as 1,000 words to be flash fiction.

Okay. Don’t forget your protagonist or conflict or resolution either. See. Not the easiest thing in the world.

It’s really made me concentrate on words—verbs. I’m learning to save my adverbs for rainy days. I’m trying to be as specific as possible, getting rid of cliché’s...things which should make any of my professors happy.

I'm thankful for my writing circle (mostly of one) this summer for helping me out--editing and mostly encouraging my crazy ideas to be made into written form--and, of course, pointing me toward 6S.


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